5 Strategies for marketing to Hispanic customers

<strong>5 Strategies for marketing to Hispanic customers</strong>

Marketing to Hispanic customers is more than just translating your copy into Spanish. In particular, your Hispanic digital marketing strategy must produce ads culturally relevant to their culture, moreover, this market is growing fast in America, with a purchasing power of $1.7 trillion in 2021. 

In fact, Latinos are more likely to purchase impulsively than the average U.S. consumer, as well as, they’re also more brand loyal than most ethnic groups. So, they are big consumers and it can be tough to lose this market, once your brand won them. 

How to market to the Hispanic community?

The Hispanic Community in the U.S. is one of the largest minorities in America, consisting of 20% of the nation’s population. For this reason, it is important to understand their identity beyond language and heritage, building relationships online and offline. 

Latinos are often seen as a general consumer group, however, they are great customers, and they like to create loyalty relationships with the brands, that’s why at ICS we decide to share with you our favorite strategies to reach the Hispanic market.

Understand the difference between Hispanic and Latino

Most marketers think Hispanic and Latino are the same, but no, Hispanic refers to language, while Latino refers to a location, to explain, a Hispanic is a person with a Spanish-speaking country of origin, surprisingly this includes Spain.

As well as Latino refers to Spanish and Portuguese speakers, but only people from Latin America, this includes Brazil, so the next time before starting your marketing strategy ask yourself, Am I reaching Latinos or Hispanics? 

Consider Cultural Gaps

As Marketers, we tend to divide Hispanic consumers into three different categories:

  • Hispanic Dominant: Speaks predominantly Spanish and most media it consumes is in Spanish.
  • Bicultural: Speak both English and Spanish at home, and the media they consume is mostly in English.
  • U.S. Dominant: They’re born in the U.S., generally speak English, and access most of the media in English. 

Be aware of regional differences

Most Latinos prefer to use their country of origin to describe themselves, in fact, they have no preference for being called either Hispanic or Latino, however, it is important to localize your target, due to Hispanic communities in California, don’t have the same custom as the Latinos in New York.

Consider using Spanglish

Not all marketers think about this but using Spanglish can have big benefits for your campaign. Indeed, it is common for the younger generations, even the ones who only speak English to use Spanglish slang in their daily life, in fact, they are also interested in learning the language from the country of origin of their family.

Include Hispanic culture in your ads

Latinos are proud of their heritage and are important to see themselves represented in the media, but please avoid stereotypes, 88% of Hispanics notice ads that include aspects of their culture, at the same time a bad representation can ruin all your campaign and efforts.

Get in touch with ICS we are specialized in multicultural marketing, and we provide the solution to grow your business faster, in public relations, social media, and translations

Knowing how to market to the Hispanic community and marketing to Hispanic customers, we are sure you’re ready to start your Hispanic digital marketing campaign, but if you have any doubts don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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