Public Relations

Phoenix, Arizona


In the world of public relations in Phoenix, we don’t buy ads or tell reporters what to write for our clients. Instead, we work on shining a spotlight on our clients, their stuff, and their services. But here’s the thing: we’re not like advertisers who pay for everything. We talk to people, inside and outside a company, without using any money.

At Independent Communication Strategy (ICS) in Phoenix, we conduct a thorough analysis to craft valuable messages and identify the most effective channels to influence your target audience. Our primary objective is to grasp your brand, goals, and the significance of the information you wish to convey to the media and your audience.

Over the years, our team has cultivated numerous successful relationships with Latino media outlets in the Phoenix area and throughout the state of Arizona. Our well-devised media relations strategy is designed to help you connect with your local target market and achieve maximum positive media coverage.


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