3 Reasons to stop using Google Translate in your business

<strong>3 Reasons to stop using Google Translate in your business</strong>

Why do I need marketing translation services?

If you’re looking to expand your business to a Hispanic market, and all of your ads are in English, you’re probably in need of a marketing translation agency, or translation services for business, but why?

In particular, translating your written content directly to Spanish is not a very good idea, before writing the copy of your ad it is advisable to have the cultural context of your market.

For this purpose, it is good to work with a marketing translation agency, to connect in a better way with the Latino audiences so your message will not get lost in the translation.

Google Translate doesn’t provide context

We always say to our clients, context is key. In fact, Google Translate is a great tool but it is common for it to make some literal translations, and that’s not very helpful when you’re looking to translate a metaphor or an idiom.

Professional translation services for business will be Grammatically correct

Despite translation apps becoming smarter over the years there is a lack of quality control that you can only get from a professional translator. To explain, Is common for translation software to deliver text out of the structure, and sometimes impossible to understand.

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Google Translate can have errors

Due to a lack of context, even with simple ideas, virtual translators are not reliable. In detail, the software gets glitches, and picks up words with different meanings, delivering translations with mistakes.

For this reason, it is important to work hand in hand with a marketing translation agency or a consultant specialized in translation services for businesses. If you’re located in Arizona and are looking for marketing translation services, you can contact us and schedule a consultation, moreover, we have experience in the next areas:

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